By Mariah Allana Pasco

Travelling can be quite expensive, especially when you’re in one of the most expensive cities in the world — Sydney Australia. But with enough research and proper budgeting, you can definitely enjoy your trip without costing a lot of money. Here’s a guide on how to make your Sydney trip budget-friendly yet memorable:

1. Walk through the colors of the Royal Botanical Gardens

Explore one of Sydney’s most popular wedding destinations, the Royal Botanical Gardens. One can never go wrong with 2000 colorful roses and its sweet, floral, scented air. You can join the guided tour or see the sights while riding the “Choo choo express” or you can simply walk around with your loved one and feel the romantic vibes that this place bring. This may be the perfect date spot as you can also eat, drink, and shop at the garden.

2.Wind your way along the trails of Coogee to Bondi walk

Hike around the scenery of the most amazing beaches in Sydney. You can start at the Coogee beach where you can enjoy its soft white sand and its spectacular ocean pool and end your hike at the Bondi beach. Bondi beach is famous for its clear waters and great waves, not to mention their great choices of food and drinks. Along your walk, you’ll also be able to see the beauty of Tamarama beach, Bronte beach, Clovelly beach, and Gordon’s bay.

3. Enjoy the buskers at Pitt St Mall

Prepare to take out some coins for Pitt St Mall’s buskers. Buskers in this area are tightly regulated that’s why those who are licensed to perform here are surely the best singers and musicians. Enjoy listening to their independent music while shopping, but not only that, because there are magicians and street performers here to enjoy as well!

4. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

You’ll be able to see a picturesque view of Sydney while walking at the Sydney Harbour bridge. Climbing it is a different story and will definitely cost a lot but walking across the bridge is free! It should take you around 15-30 minutes to stroll around the pedestrian walkway but it will probably take you longer because of the long stops caused by sudden heart attacks from amazement and awe, plus the selfie time.

5.Don’t miss the iconic Sydney Opera House

You wouldn’t want to leave Sydney without visiting the epic Sydney Opera House. Just by looking at this work of art makes your trip complete. Aside from the visual stimulation from its architectural design, you can also enjoy the concerts, theatre shows, the cruise, and the food.

You may probably think that travelling to a place as stunning as Sydney will cost a lot but just by appreciating the beauty of the sceneries from your travel experience can make your trip unforgettable. So pack your bags and be prepared to be #Sidneyfied!

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