Ultimate Marketing was founded by Mario Villanueva in 2011 after meeting amazing business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. Mario realised that they were not performing at their full potential due to either a lack of knowledge, time or resources to develop robust marketing strategies, acquire tools and implement processes to reach more customers, or increase their sales and grow their businesses.

Mario’s international experience working in a diverse range of marketing roles in corporate inspired him to develop a series of training courses that could be easily understood and implemented by medium sized businesses. These courses are available in the Marketing coaching section.

He is the author of “Create Your Website in One Day Without Technical Skills.” (Available in Amazon).

In addition to marketing coaching, Ultimate Marketing designs effective Marketing solutions  designing and implementing marketing strategies for those businesses that needed to see results faster than taking the coaching option and doing these activities themselves.

Lastly, Ultimate Marketing has partnered with software developers and system designers to source the right Marketing capability to help to manage customers, track and report marketing activities, improve profitability and help revenue grow.

Mario Villanueva

Mario Villanueva

Founder Ultimate Marketing

Mario Villanueva holds an MBA and is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience leading the development and implementation of data driven marketing strategies and campaigns for business to business and business to consumer organisations to sell, retain and engage customers to increase Customer Lifetime Value and grow revenue,

We help businesses grow with marketing.

Please contact me to discuss my marketing requirements.

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